Thursday, December 08, 2005

Postscript And a Pint

On my way to Holland Park from Heathrow Airport yesterday afternoon, Jeremy, an old mate from school whose floor I'm camping on in London, rang to tell me that Lady D's housekeeper Benildi was not in and I'd have to wait until she returned to get inside the flat. "No problem," I said, and thought about having lunch at the pub around the corner. Just as The Kensington came into view I noticed a house opposite the pub with the unmistakeable red and white Georgian Flag hanging from a small flagpole. I had to do a little double-take. Yes, this is London. There's red double decker buses going by so what's a Georgian Flag doing here? As I approached the house I saw cyrillic script on the brassplate of the front door and neatly inscribed below that in English:'Emabssy of Georgia'.

When I entered the pub, I mentioned to the young bloke behind the bar this trivial coincidence of just arriving from Georgia and now finding myself opposite its embassy. He frowned at me. He said knew of the embassy but didn't really know where Georgia was.

"Need to do a bit more travelling," he said. "But I spent three months in Australia last year though."


I told him to hit the road and see more of the world as soon as he could.

As my trip has now come to an end it would be remiss of me not to thank the people who've helped me over the past weeks while I was in Georgia. Whether it was with information, contacts, driving, translation, lending me a book, coffee, a meal... Or just calling me up to check that I was safe and OK. I truly appreciate it and my sincere thanks to you all.

So, that's all from The Georgia Project. Until next time, thanks for stopping by and ciao for now.



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