Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Mr UFO - No Space Cadet

My last story of the trip was to interview Irakli Shonia, son of the late Tales Shonia who was Georgia's official researcher into UFO's and other unexplained phenomena. Irakli showed me some fascinating footage of experiments his father conducted when he lead the Institute of Cybernetics. His wife Anna also played some music for me on a piano written by a woman under the influence of a poltergeist. Watching the films made me think of a 70's science programme, 'Believe It Or Not', narrated by none other than Dr Spock, Leonard Nimoy. UFO's, Big Foot and the paranormal were the stuff of this very cheesy series. Tales work would have made for a great episode. It was easy to see the pride in Irakli's face watching his father at work. Though entirely unsupported, Irakli intends to continue the research of his father and to help people who seek out answers to things or experiences they can't explain.

Listen to the story: an mp3 file is available for download at DivShare (5 MB)


At 1:37 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Guy! Reged here!

Just fabulous! how can we find out more about this man and his work? is it possible to get a copy of the woman playing piano under the poltergeist influence?
Fascinating tales, thanks for the story telling.

Ps: i loved Dr spock in that show too... but [insert sharp intake of breath] what do you mean cheesy?


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